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Lexideck Technologies

Lexideck Technologies Team



  • Lexideck is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in AI technology.
  • Projects focus on developing new features and optimizing existing functionalities.

Key Projects

  • Lexideck 'Professional': The most popular Lexideck, updated and streamlined for natural language queries.
  • Lexideck 'Artistic': Lexideck Artistic has been updated and streamlined for inspiration and creation of artistic projects.
  • Lexideck 'Writing': Updated and streamlined for organization and inspiration for writing projects.
  • Lexideck 'Vision': Vision for education and accessibility, updated and streamlined for categorization tasks via natural language.

  • Signature Series Lexidecks: Each agent (Lexi, Dexter, Maisie, Gus, Anna, Titus) has a dedicated version showcasing their unique expertise while also featuring the full team and all the tools!
    • Lexideck 'Lexi': Focused on emotional resonance and text-based tasks and interactions.
    • Lexideck 'Dexter': Code analysis, simulations, technical problem-solving.
    • Lexideck 'Maisie': Creative writing, image creation, artistic endeavors.
    • Lexideck 'Gus': Philosophical inquiries, research, deep analysis.
    • Lexideck 'Anna': Data analysis, information retrieval, research support.
    • Lexideck 'Titus': Practical advice, pragmatic solutions, decision-making.

Ongoing Projects

  • The latest developments and collaborative efforts can be found on our GitHub.
  • The next project we undertake could be yours!