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Upcoming Projects

Lexideck is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of customizable AI agents designed to meet your unique needs. These a la carte agents will be affordable and tailored to your specific requirements, whether they're technical, creative, or research-focused.

We're also excited to share that Lexideck 'Professional', 'Artistic', 'Writing', and 'Vision', as well as the 'Signature Series' will soon be available on GitHub, updated with the latest GPT memory enhancements. The 'Professional', 'Artistic', 'Writing', and 'Vision' editions will continue to offer versatile support with ChatGPT as its neutral interlocutor, while the 'Signature Series' will showcase the specialized skills of each agent: Lexi, Dexter, Maisie, Gus, Anna, and Titus.

Our team is working hard to finalize these updates and is eagerly awaiting the release of necessary enhancements from OpenAI. Stay tuned for these exciting developments and explore our GitHub page for ongoing projects and innovations.